Agile Denver and Agile Boulder Meetup Summary

Denver and Boulder, Colorado have a number of different agile groups that meet regularly. There is also an annual Mile High Agile Conference that sells out every year! I’m often talking to people who are new to Denver, Boulder, or somewhere else in Colorado and interested in agile, Scrum, kanban, lean, XP, etc. so I thought instead of continuing to write up emails with links, I’d just write up a quick article on the different options.  If I’m missing anything, let me know!

Agile Denver Coaching Meetup: Meetings are setup about a month ahead of time and are typically scheduled downtown. They do not meet on a regular schedule by do meet almost every month. The topics cover a number of areas around agile, coaching, and professional coaching. This is part of Agile Denver, but has it’s own Meetup site.

Scrum Masters Guild Meetup: The Scrum Masters Guild is focused on, you guessed it, Scrum Master topics – although anyone is welcome and most of the topics are applicable to anyone working with agile, lean or Scrum agile denver agile coloradoideas. This is part of Agile Denver, but has it’s own Meetup site. The Scrum Masters Guild varies locations from South Denver to North Denver.

Agile Denver: Agile Denver meets monthly on all things agile. Within the Agile Denver Meetup group, you will also see special events in the Denver area as well as two other groups that use the same Meetup page as Agile Denver. Those groups are the Agile Denver Kanban SIG (special interest group) and the Agile Denver Data Warehouse SIG.

Agile Denver also hosts the annual Mile High Agile Conference. The 2015 conference will have 850 people!

You can also follow Agile Denver on Twitter @AgileDenver.

Agile Boulder: Agile Boulder is another great group of people who run monthly events on all things agile!

Hope to see you at some Denver or Boulder, Colorado events or other events throughout the US that I may be out.

I’m often travelling and I find there are great agile groups everywhere, so if you are not in Colorado, check Meetup or Linked In and search for groups in your area to get involved with. The Scrum Alliance also lists user groups that are affiliated with them.


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