Why Agile For All?

As you consider becoming an Agile organization you will find many companies saying they can help you with the journey. Here are some thoughts on why you might consider partnering with us.

Welcome change and complexity.

We believe that Agile is a journey of embracing change and complexity. In the face of today’s disruptive business climate, adopting an Agile framework is the best solution for companies who want to sustainably deliver business value in order to delight their customers. Agile organizations create a culture of agility focused on enabling people to develop features that  respond to the changing needs of your customers, and thereby deliver real business value. Simply put, for us the goal of all things Agile is to support your true engine of growth.

Principles and values first.

Our solutions are based on principles and values rather than specific Agile practices. Values provide a strong base for decisions; principles guide them. We’ve found that practices are implemented based on a deep understanding of the underlying principles and values, it leads to organic models that can sustain continuous improvement over time.

Partner versus prescribe.

We don’t consult, we partner. Consultants give answers. We prefer to ask questions, lots of questions, that lead to constructive decision-making. Your challenges may seem unique, but they are not. However combined with your overall workplace dynamics, you have something very distinctive. You are the expert of your business, so we fully commit in our role to help you use that knowledge to unlock the potential of your organization, individual teams, or specific roles or skill areas.

Trust leads to transformation.

Breakthrough change requires trust along the journey. Our experience is that people at all levels value radical honesty as long as it is insightful and leads to positive change. The Agile For All approach means we are not afraid to rock the status quo, even when it involves challenging an executive, manager or Product Owner to make difficult decisions.

Regardless of your current level of Agile maturity, we can help at every level of your organization.

Agile for All.

Our trainers and coaches come from every position — CEO to team developers. We collectively have hundreds of years of Agile experience across tens of thousands of individuals, thousands of teams and hundreds of organizations. By focusing on principles and values, our approach leads to deeper insight and understanding as teams mature and that accelerates Agile adoption.

Business value over bad profits.

Making Agile a Reality® is our core mission, so we focus only one metric: your ability to sustainably deliver business value. We would rather walk away from a potential engagement than end up doing a lot of work that generates little to no value for you.