Well-designed training is the best way to build a common understanding and language on a team in a very short time. It’s a fantastic accelerator. Rather than death by PowerPoint and long lectures, we take into account how people actually learn. All of our trainers use accelerated learning techniques to present in highly interactive, brain-friendly ways that maximize learning and retention. Hands-on exercises and learn-by-doing simulations allow participants to directly apply what they learn as well as personally develop from expert feedback. Agile For All workshops consistently reinforce the underlying Agile principles and values that drive success.

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Organizational Consulting

Based on more than a decade of teaching and using Agile in hundreds of organizations, the Agile For All team has a really good idea of what works and what doesn’t. We work with key decision-makers to identify goals, assess the current state of your organization and craft a plan for change. While positive Agile transformation takes patience, our approach reinforces replicating the right practices and encourages stakeholders and team members with early, measureable progress as you scale.
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Effective Agile coaching bridges the gap between knowledge and experience. It empowers organizations to put new practices to work in their specific situations at all levels, from team performance to engineering practices to how executives support overall agility and rapid development. Our coaching is different from most. Instead of embedding with teams, we use iterative coaching —working alongside teams for two to three days at a time, then returning several sprints later to coach the teams again. Over the course of several cycles, teams develop Agile mastery at a faster pace and perform at higher levels to achieve your business goals.

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