Agile Coaching For All

Agile Coaching For All is for leaders and agile coaches who want to exponentially increase their knowledge and ability to lead and empower teams. This course brings critical tools, techniques, skills, and ideas from the professional coaching and brain-based training worlds to leaders, managers, agile coaches, and ScrumMasters alike.

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Humanizing Work: Advanced Agile Training

This annual 3-day advanced training is only offered to Agile For All alumni, ensuring everyone shares a common foundation, language and drive for success. It’s also the only event you can get access to all our trainers in one place. Select from a broad menu of learning objectives to fit your needs. Not an Agile for All Alumni? Learn how you can attend Humanizing Work here.

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Certified Agile Leadership

An executive level program ideally suited for senior leadership, high potential leaders, and those that work with and coach them. Achieve better business results and thrive in the midst of complexity. Expand your capability—and that of your senior management team—to lead an engaged organization in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Become a certified Agile leader and discover how you can harness the benefits of Agile, Lean and other creative organizational approaches to achieve healthy business growth in the midst of unpredictable challenges—without burning out or sacrificing your personal life.


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