Course Objectives

This three-day course for software developers provides hands-on experience with the techniques of Test-Driven Development (TDD). TDD enables incremental and iterative software development, without degrading quality.

Participants learn test-first, refactoring, the use of test-doubles, and other core skills. They learn how TDD provides and maintains a very low defect-count. They will experience how they can work fearlessly, swiftly, and comfortably on new features, design improvements, and bug-fixes. They will also learn how to alter legacy code, by first building characterization test coverage for the code that is changing, while protecting features of the legacy system that do not yet require any alteration.

Ask about adding our very popular TDD coaching day (usually scheduled immediately following the course). During this day the course participants and the instructor explore your organization’s particular concerns, code, technologies, and challenges.

Programming languages: The course is currently offered in Java, JavaScript, C#, or C++. (You can also request a course in Ruby, Swift, Python, et cetera. Delivery would need to be scheduled three months in advance to give us time to build and test demo and lab materials.)

Learning Objectives

  • The value of TDD to the business and the developer.
  • Why TDD helps developers work fearlessly, swiftly and comfortably on new features and bug-fixes.
  • How to craft a concise, expressive, repeatable microtest.
  • Using test-doubles to avoid unpredictable dependencies and speed up testing.
  • Adding characterization tests for existing legacy code.
  • Refactoring for maintainability and extensibility.
  • Collaborative techniques to establish a diligent TDD practice within the team.

Software developers, engineers

Intermediate to advanced

Basics of an object-oriented programming language.

3 days on-site or off-site

Let’s start a conversation. Contact us for scheduling or questions about this course.

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