An Advanced Course for Leaders and Agile Coaches alike.

Agile Coaching For All is for leaders and agile coaches who want to exponentially increase their knowledge and ability to lead and empower teams.

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Agile Coaching For All brings critical tools, techniques, skills, and ideas from the professional coaching and brain-based training worlds to leaders, managers, agile coaches, and ScrumMasters alike. These roles are constantly challenged to help people, teams, and organizations grow and thrive in a complex world. They need to learn and hone skills that help them benefit from healthy conflict, in order to achieve organizational goals.

Agile and lean methods are targeted at helping us succeed in our increasingly complex world. Leaders, managers, and agile coaches need to bring new and deeper levels of engagement and skill to their roles. Working directly with organizations both large and small, we continue to find that LEADERSHIP Vector Sketch Notesleaders and agile coaches don’t have all the skills they need to productively engage and challenge teams. Simply telling teams to “have courage” and “focus” are comical at best. Teams need to be constantly improving, not just with what they are delivering, but with how they work together as a team, if they are ever going to reach high-performance.

Agile Coaching For All is focused first and foremost on giving you the skills and practice to apply coaching concepts to real business scenarios. Go beyond agile practices and learn skills from the professional coaching and brain-based training to deal with the most common challenge you face, people issues!  The class includes opportunity for practice, time for analysis and reflection, learning games, new skills, new tools, new techniques, and ideas you can apply immediately after class!

For Leaders and Managers
People are often promoted into leadership roles based on the success they had in the previous role. Unfortunately, the promotion is rarely combined with the training necessary to help people learn how to be an effective leader. Thus, the common pattern that today’s leaders have struggled with is ‘how to create an engaging environment that results in high collaboration, learning, and producing quality results.

This three-day workshop is your opportunity to take your leadership experience to an advanced level — as you discover the benefits of utilizing different coaching approaches. Explore what it means bring yourself to a leadership situation. Effective leadership requires developing several skillsets, including learning how to coach individuals and teams. Leave this highly interactive workshop comprehending that coaching goes beyond ‘agile coaching’ and instead is a powerful dynamic that you can put to use immediately in your own leadership development!  Get the training you need for increased success.

For Agile Coaches and ScrumMasters
Agile coach training is a critical part of any agile organizations progress and must go beyond agile practices.  Agile Coaches typically transition from other roles in the organization (e.g. ScrumMaster or Project Manager) and find themselves lacking many of the more challenging skills to help teams and the organization succeed. Learn what it really means to be an agile coach and the skills you need to succeed in the position. Learn how to deal with challenges such as helping the team embrace healthy conflict and dealing with organizational impediments.

This three-day workshop is your opportunity to shift to a new level of coaching and interaction with the leaders, managers, individuals, and teams engage with. Explore what it means to bring yourself — to coach and lead from a place that is authentic to you! Get the training you need to advance as an agile coach and help teams reach high performance.

What to Expect

Expect in-depth topics and exploration. Expect to be challenged. Expect to learn by interacting with other learners, by practicing, and by stretching your limits. Expect to have fun. To achieve these goals, we use:

  • Brain-based training (both instructors are Certified Training From the Back of the Room Trainers) to dramatically increase learning and retention
  • Fun to increase safety and retention
  • Exercises, exercises, and more exercises – If you are looking for a dry lecture, this class is NOT for you
  • Interactive and experiential learning

Today’s organizations need to empower people to compete. This means that we need to improve ourselves to meet the demands of today’s complex world. We no longer have the luxury of trying to “know everything” — there is simply too much going on. Instead we need empowered teams and organizations with the opportunity to be creating and innovation to deliver success.

Course Instructors

Tricia Broderick_sq300x300

Tricia Broderick

Jake Calabrese_sq300x300

Jake Calabrese

Target Common Agile Myths

Delivering success means we need to avoid falling into the trap of common myths that limit leaders, managers, agile coaches — and agile success in general. Agile Coaching For All focuses on skills to directly target these myths.

Myth 1: Telling people “You are empowered” actually works.

Dispel common agile myths while helping teams improve with agile coaching!

Dispel common agile myths while helping teams improve with agile coaching!

Empowerment means much more than simply telling people “you are empowered!” As a leader, manager, or agile coach, we must work with teams to understand what is stopping them from taking action — and then help them with those impediments. Empowerment also does not mean “do whatever you want” and explaining the difference can be challenging.

Myth 2: Self-Organizing Teams don’t need any help.
Of course this is not true, but we continue to confuse both teams and managers with bad terminology and the idea that teams can figure everything out. The reality is, teams do need help, but they need the right kind of help and they need leaders, managers, and agile coaches to help them continue to take on more challenges.

Myth 3: Organizations can’t benefit and improve from conflict.
We can actually benefit from healthy conflict if we create a foundation for teams and engage with them in ways that help. We are rarely taught, in even the best organizations, how to benefit from healthy conflict. As leaders and agile coaches, we need the skills to help teams and organizations find breakthroughs.

Myth 4: Leaders & managers are unsure what their role is in agile.
We have done a huge disservice to both leaders and teams. We left leaders in a lurch between “don’t tell the us (the team) what to do” and “we (the team) are not able to change xyz.” Leaders need to change their approach to leadership with agile and they need specific actions they can take to improve. Simply being told to “be a leader not a manager” is about the worst advice you can get.

Myth 5: Agile coaches, leaders, and managers have a magical ability to wave a wand and simply “will” everyone to change.
Simply restating the benefits of agile, lean or repeating agile values is not going to cause people to change. We need more than agile practices to get the benefits of agile. We have to look to other fields and schools of thought to bring in the tools, techniques, and skills we need to focus on the most challenging part of agile or any complex endeavor – people.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the connection between leadership and coaching to achieve high performance
  • Explain the value of agile coaching in today’s world
  • Explore and practice using a coaching framework to find your coaching stance within any team role
  • Learn to assess the level of coaching a team requires and when to ask for help
  • Demonstrate how to kick off a new team and provide them with a foundation for success
  • Apply multiple coaching tools and techniques, in various situations, to help individuals and teams create and maintain a high performing team.
  • Explore your ability and capacity as a coach and leader and determine what areas you need to improve.
  • Experience new ideas to help teams embrace healthy conflict as normal
  • Demonstrate Training from the Back of the Room, Brain-based training techniques that you can use as a leader, manager, or coach to help your teams continuously improve
  • Apply practices from the field of Professional Coaching and learn how they are critical to your success as an agile coach and leader
  • Establish a coaching backlog to apply when you return to work

Length & Level
Length: 3-days. On-site at your location or held publicly throughout the year.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Experience being a leader, manager, agile coach, or ScrumMaster who has worked with or lead teams. If you have any questions regarding your experience and your qualification to take the course, just ask!

ICAgile Certified



ICP-ACC Agile Coaching

Course Credit

  • 21 PMI PDUs
  • 21 Scrum Alliance SEUs
  • ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC)

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