Agile Retrospective Resources

There is a lot of information out there are agile retrospectives.  I have a number of articles on them and there are plenty of places with information including blogs, websites, and books.


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Agile Area Rugs- Covering Opportunities with Longer Sprints?

Will longer agile sprints or iterations cover up opportunities to improve and cause you to view these opportunities as unsolvable problems?

scrum masters with agile area rug

The typical agile sprint size is 2 weeks. What percentage of teams use 2 weeks?  I don’t have statistics on

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Thoughts on Professional Coaching

I get a lot of questions about professional coaching – what is it, what do you mean by the word ‘coach’, is it the same as mentoring, is coaching just asking questions… and many more.

Who do you coach? I coach people.  :)   These may be individuals, pairs, couples, teams, organizations, or systems.

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