Agile Beyond Software Resources

Thanks to everyone who attended my session “How to be Agile in Non-IT Organizations – Breaking the Software Constraint” at Agile2016 in Atlanta. I’ve included the deck below as well as some other items.

Please add any comments or questions here. If there is information you are looking for let me know.

If you have

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What Do We Mean By Welcoming Complexity?

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In this inaugural issue, we explain the newsletter’s title and provide a few thoughts on relevant Agile For All blog posts.

What is complexity?

Let’s look

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Vertical Slices and Scale

Last week, I tweeted,

Among the many responses, Luke Woydziak asked

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80/20 Facilitation (or, all the study on facilitation most people need)

FacilitatingIn response to my recent post on developing your skills in 2016, several people mentioned facilitation as a skill they want to grow. As with many things, you can become good enough as a facilitator in a short time,

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