Talking About Our Feelings—Potentially Awkward, Definitely Important

Last week, I described how to do the observation step of Focused Conversation without having to talk about all the details. At this point, many facilitators would naturally want to guide the group through interpreting the data. But the Focused Conversation method prescribes another step in between: reflection.

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Agile Guru – Telling is not Leading or Coaching. #AgileSafari

06 Advice From Agile Guru_AgileSafari

Tweet the Agile Safari Cartoon!

Too often advice gets boiled down to a one-liner. We see these a lot on

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From Shareholder Value to Customer Delight and Shared Purpose

Agile Organizations shift from a focus on short term profits towards a focus on customer delight and achieving a shared purpose.

This issue is the first in a series where we will explore each of the Principles of Agile Organizations in more depth.

Principle: From Shareholder Value to Customer Delight and Shared

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Ask A4A: When the Observation Part of Focused Conversation Gets Boring

The Focused Conversation method asks us to start with observations before assigning labels – good, bad, effective, worthwhile, motivating, etc. In real-life facilitation, it can feel a little slow to start a retrospective with a simple “What happened this

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